Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Leaves Your Carpet Clean, DRY & Ready to Use When We Leave – We Guarantee It!

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Looking for commercial carpet cleaning in Kenosha or the surrounding area? Whether you’re looking for a one-time cleaning or a tailored maintenance program for the carpet in your facility, we have the know-how and the products to make your commercial carpets look like-new!

Carpet is not only an expensive investment, but it also represents your company and reflects the projected image of your facility to your clients and customers. As a successful business, we know you want to keep it looking its best!


When you choose The Dry Guys for your commercial carpet cleaning in Kenosha or the surrounding area, you’re choosing the best option around! We pride ourselves in our workmanship and knowing that we are providing our clients a service beyond what our competitors can offer. Your facility is a reflection of your business and we want to help you ensure that your client’s perceive a clean, fresh, and unblemished appearance. Contact The Dry Guys today about commercial carpet cleaning!

Our Maintenance Programs:

  • Are friendly to your budget
  • Have convenient scheduling
  • Eliminate downtime in your facility
  • Keep your carpet looking great year round
  • Use green, environmentally friendly products
  • Extend the life of your carpet
  • Conserve energy & resources
  • Improve indoor air quality & reduce allergens
  • Eliminate wet carpet concerns
  • Eliminate residual moisture
  • End the unpleasant after-cleaning odor
  • Include planning, implementation & monitoring, and traffic pattern analysis
  • Include upholstery maintenance options
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The graphs above illustrate how unplanned cleanings lead to quicker deterioration of your carpet over a much shorter period of time compared to a carefully planned, ongoing maintenance schedule that is specific to your needs and your carpet.

The objective of our maintenance plans is not only to extend the life of the carpeting, but to keep it consistently clean all year round at a reasonable cost. By identifying the areas with the highest traffic (entrances, lobbies, elevator lobbies, break rooms, food service areas, etc), a plan can be created that focuses on where dirt is the heaviest. Key elements of maintenance are:

  • Prevention: Keeping the 85% of dirt that is dry and vacuumable out of the building through use of walk off mats.
  • Vacuuming & Spot Removal: Removing dirt before it has a chance to build up, and removing spots & spills as they occur rather than letting them sit to potentially become permanent stains.
  • Routine Overall Cleaning: The oily, greasy dirt that accounts for the other 15% of dirt must be removed through scheduled cleanings at a frequency that prevents the build up and spreading to other areas.

Click here to read case studies on facilities that have successfully maintained their carpeting with the HOST Dry Extraction System.

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Our Own Maintenance Plan Clients

Many businesses in southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois are already keeping their facilities looking great by using our maintenance programs. From Milwaukee to Waukegan, we are servicing commercial buildings, funeral homes, senior living complexes, churches, museums, hospitals and more! If you would like to speak to any of our current clients and hear about their experiences with The Dry Guys, let us know. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with someone on our reference list.

Official HOST Distributors

Not interested in contracting our services? As a distributor, we can also provide cleaning products and machines. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about using the HOST System in your facility then contact us for more information.

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