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Winter Mold Prevention Tips for Wisconsin

Mold likes to grow in warm, damp places – and the inside of your home can be the perfect location. Dampness sets in and mold can multiply on almost any porous surface, causing damage to drywall and other materials, and sometimes releasing dangerous spores into the air. If your asthma or allergies act up more […]

Pet Accident Carpet Cleaning

Do you love your pet, but don’t love the messes they make? Pet accidents are a normal part of animal ownership, but they can wreak havoc on your carpeted floors. Immediate action to remedy the situation, follow up to find hidden damage, and prevention techniques will save the day. Whoops! An accident – what should […]

Keeping Carpets Spotless with a Sensible Cleaning Schedule

Carpet cleaning should be a part of your regular housecleaning plan… but how often should carpets be cleaned, and when is it time for a professional carpet cleaning? The Dry Guys do have some basic rules of thumb when it comes to the care and maintenance of your home’s carpets. Here are the best tips […]

Dealing with Flooding and Water Damage: Safety First

Water damage can be caused by storms, flooding, or broken pipes in your home. Knowing when to call for help is key. The Dry Guys offer professional Wisconsin water damage remediation services, so make them your first call – and stay safe while your home recovers from water damage.  Is it storm or floodwaters? Get […]

Preventing and Protecting Against Mold

Mold ruins more than just bread and cheese! When mold makes a home in your carpets, walls, or grout, it can wreak havoc on your household. Mold is responsible for odors, allergies, and even severe illnesses. In children, prolonged exposure to mold spores leads to an increased likelihood of asthma and allergies. For that reason, […]

The Different Types of Carpeting, and Why It Matters

If you’re planning on re-carpeting your home, or wish to identify your existing carpet to have it cleaned, understanding the types of carpet and their pros/cons is the first step. Some carpets require extreme care when cleaning and handling, so knowing the differences between them can save a lot of frustration. Types of Carpet Materials […]

Flooded Home? Find Out if the Water is Clean, Gray, or Black

Do you know the difference between clean water, gray water, and black water? These descriptions are not about the actual clarity or shade – they’re about how much contaminants are in the water invading your Kenosha or Racine home. The level of water contamination dictates how complex your water damage is, and what the flood […]

Is Your Upholstered Furniture in Need of a Revival?

Your sofa, your recliner, loveseat, upholstered chairs – if you’ve noticed puffs of dust arising when you sit, or come off of your furniture feeling a tackiness on your hands, it likely means your upholstery needs professional cleaning. While many people enjoy the wipe-down aspect of leather, not everyone enjoys the sensation of sitting on […]