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  • "The Dry Guys take time to do a first class job. I was pleased with the way I could use the rug right away - no wet, waiting to dry inconvenience. Everything was just great.” - Mary T.

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Wisconsin Water Damage

Water Damage

FLOOD & WATER DAMAGE 24-Hour EMERGENCY SERVICE – On site within ONE HOUR of your call!

The Dry Guys make it a priority to set your mind at ease and assure you that our job is to restore your home or office to its pre-loss condition in the most respectful, efficient, and timely manner as possible.

When faced with a flooded area in your home or business, panic is often the first reaction – and understandably so. But it is critical to act quickly to prevent further damage and minimize problems that result from a water damage situation. Flood / Water Damage Info

Carpet Cleaning

The Dry Guys use the HOST® Dry Extraction System to get carpet deep down clean with no wet mess. The HOST system effectively deep cleans carpets using Green Seal Certified products and less than one teaspoon of water per square foot. Because such a small, controlled amount of water is involved there is no risk of damage to the backing of the carpet. The HOST sponges are applied to the surface of the carpet and break down and trap the soils, dust, and allergens in the carpet until they are extracted into the vacuum system of the machine. Your carpet will stay cleaner longer after using the HOST system because there is no sticky residue left behind to attract and hold fresh soil.

After being cleaned with HOST sponges your carpet is dry and ready for immediate use - a benefit for both residential homes and commercial businesses. Carpet Cleaning Info

Wisconsin mold damage

Mold Remediation

Mold has become a much more relevant topic compared to several years ago. There are over 100,000 species of mold, some of which are toxic. As naturally occurring fungi, mold is found both indoors & outdoors. It produces spores, which act like seeds and can produce new mold growth in the right conditions. Needing only moisture and a food source, mold can grow on almost any surface, and can commonly be found in homes where moisture is most likely to be found: basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, around leaky toilets, or areas with slow leaks in plumbing or cracks in the foundation. A musty odor may be first the sign of mold.

If mold growth in the home is left unaddressed or mishandled, it can cause serious health issues. It can be especially problematic for those with asthma, allergies or compromised immune systems. The Dry Guys are trained and certified in both water damage restoration and mold remediation. Mold Clean-up Info