Dishwasher Leak on Wooden Floor

The customer began to notice some buckling in their wood floor and called The Dry Guys to determine where the moisture was coming from. Using a thermal imaging camera and other meters, we were able to point the customer to the dishwasher as the source. While the wood floor was beyond the ability to dry in place, the sub floor and areas of the basement that were affected could be dried saving the cost of replacement.

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  • Hardwood floor – Suspected Leak from Dishwasher
  • The Source
  • A very wet floor
  • Even the walls are wet!
  • Wet floor buckling
  • A Closeup of the Buckling Floor
  • Moisture reading from below on the subfloor
  • Pipe Flanges to pull moisture out of sub floor
  • Removing Moisture and Drying in Place
  • Drying Progress
  • The Bar in the Basement was also affected
  • Containment to speed drying process
  • Flooring Removed