Basement Water Cleanup

A clogged sewer line caused rainwater to back up into this finished basement in Kenosha. A plumber who knows the good work of The Dry Guys advised the customer to call us for help cleaning up their basement. We responded to the client immediately and prepared an estimate with no cost to the homeowner. They approved the estimate and work began right away. The client had no idea that their walls were wet. Left wet, the walls can experience microbial growth which may eventually lead to mold.

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  • Wet Carpeting from Sewer Water
  • Removing Carpet
  • Carpeting Removed
  • Scrubbing the Floor
  • Extracting the Floor
  • Documenting the work
  • Main room after carpet removed
  • Moisture meter identifying wet wall
  • Drying Equipment Working
  • Successful Dry