Lazyboy Cleaning in Kenosha

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Professional Lazyboy Cleaning in Kenosha

Are you looking for Lazyboy Cleaning in Kenosha, WI? Here at The Dry Guys, we have expert cleaners. We understand that Lazyboy’s need specific care and instruction when cleaning, we can provide all the tools and resources to do so. No need to stress about the cleaning products or break your back scrubbing yourself, we can take care of it all! Call today to learn more about our La-Z-Boy Cleaning services in Kenosha and ask about our other upholstery cleaning services and carpet cleaning services to take your home cleaning to the next level!

The Dry Guys Provide Quality Lazyboy Cleaning in Kenosha!

To clean your sofa you must first look at the fabric and material the sofa is. That will determine the products safely to use. Certain products on material that may not work well will cause the fabric to stain or make any of the cleaning process worse. Let our team look over the commercial sofa to determine what is the best fit!

Deep cleaning your sofa will not only keep your space looking clean and give a healthier environment, but will showcase your professionalism even more. When our team cleans your commercial sofa we understand the importance of deep cleaning every aspect such as eliminating dirt, taking away any dust, and properly sanitizing the sofa. Making sure you use the correct method will help keep your furniture in top shape. Let our team help properly deep clean your commercial sofa.

This depends on how often your piece is being used and the environment it is in. Usually, a recommendation for an average commercial sofa would be to have it cleaned at least twice a year. However, if the piece is around a large number of people that number should increase, along with if it is for show or being used.

There are four different ways to test if you should clean your furniture. First, the ‘slap’ test, which is where you place a light above the soda and hit the cushion a few times. You then will be able to see the amount of dust that is dispersed in the air, which is an indication of cleaning. Secondly, there is the black cloth test. This test is where you secure a black cloth with a rubber band on the end of your vacuum. Then when you turn the machine on you can run it along with the cushions and are able to see any particles, dead skin, or other bacteria on the cushion. Third, we have a white towel test as well. This method is when you take a damp white towel with some water and rub it across the cushion and examine the cloth afterward. Lastly, the easiest would be the sniff test. Place your nose about three inches above the cushion and see if you notice any odors. These are all ways to determine if it is time to have our team come check out and clean your commercial sofa.

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