Is Your Upholstered Furniture in Need of a Revival?

Your sofa, your recliner, loveseat, upholstered chairs – if you’ve noticed puffs of dust arising when you sit, or come off of your furniture feeling a tackiness on your hands, it likely means your upholstery needs professional cleaning.

While many people enjoy the wipe-down aspect of leather, not everyone enjoys the sensation of sitting on it. However, fabric upholstery collects dust and grime like a magnet, and you can’t just throw it in the washer at the end of the week. You’ll need to monitor the state of your upholstered furniture, so you can tell when it’s time to place a call to the cleaners.

What gets in your upholstery?

If you have pets, they can shed fur and dander, plus track up dirt whenever they hop up for a nap. Even if you ban them from sitting on furniture, who’s to say they follow orders when you’re not around? Kids also shed – crumbs, dirt, and sweat. They can spill drinks, drop chips, and leave muddy shoe prints on the sofa or loveseat.  Even if you live in a pet and child-free household, oils from the back of your neck and dirt from your hands can cause discoloration on the backs and arms of upholstered furniture pieces.

Checking for cleanliness

While you can protect your couch from as much damage as possible, there’s only so much you can do before you need a clean. You can test the cleanliness of your couches and chairs using a few tricks. If a white cloth comes away grey after being rubbed lightly on the armrests, it’s time for a clean. Black cloth over your vacuum hose can check for white dander in between the cushions, letting you know if there are allergens making a home on your couch. You can use these tips to determine when you need a clean. Protecting your upholstery can help cut down on dirt – a few throw blankets can work wonders for protecting your sofas and chairs.

Who do you call? The Dry Guys

Cleaning your upholstery properly and thoroughly can be a complicated process. The Dry Guys are the solution. Using a Certified Green Upholstery Cleaning process, we leave your furniture dry, fresh, and safe to sit on. Depending on your household, you might need a cleaning done every few months, or once a year. Regardless of your schedule, The Dry Guys will be there when you call, to keep your upholstery and carpets looking and feeling fresh.