Professional Upholstery Cleaning Can Keep Your Living Room Looking New

Like carpeting, upholstery often becomes dull and dingy over time, as dirt, dust, dander, and grime get trapped in fibers and dim the beauty of an expensive sofa and loveseat or comfortable armchairs. But how do you clean your beautiful furniture upholstery without damaging it?

Most furniture will have an informational tag with a cleaning code hidden under a cushion or beneath the seat. An S means you need a solvent based cleaner, while a W indicates the upholstery must be cleaned with a water based solution.

The Dry Guys use the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction System for upholstery cleaning, as it is safe for furniture labeled W, and even leather.  No liquid touches the fabric; instead, a gentle, soft, dry foam with Green Seal certified ingredients is applied. The dirt is gently teased out of the fibers, and then immediately removed without saturating the fabric.

Keeping your upholstery clean

Just as you mop tile floors, polish hardwood, and vacuum carpet, your upholstery should be routinely cleaned as well. Use the following tips to see how dirty your upholstered furniture is:

  • Smack the seat or back of your sofa with a wooden spoon. If a puff of dust rises, your upholstery is due for a cleaning.
  • Dampen a white cotton towel with a small amount of water and rub it over a chair arm or neck rest. Do you see a transfer of dirt onto the towel?
  • Rubber band a small piece of dark fabric over the end of a vacuum hose, and press it to the side or back of a seat. Look for white specks of dried skin and dander.

If you see any dirt, dander, or grime, remember that you’re only seeing a fraction of what is really trapped in your furniture upholstery.

Call The Dry Guys

Once you have determined that your upholstery needs cleaning, the next step is simple – call The Dry Guys. We will implement the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction System to thoroughly clean your upholstered pieces.

Your upholstered sofa, loveseat, chaise lounge, or armchairs deserve the best treatment. When cleaned by The Dry Guys, your expensive furniture can go on to give you years of happiness, looking almost as new as the day they were purchased.