How to Know When Your Upholstery Needs Cleaning

If you regularly use your furniture, you might be able to tell when it’s in need of a good clean. Off smells, unpleasant texture, and other factors might lead you to avoid sitting on your couch or preferring to throw blankets or covers over it. But you don’t have to suffer with a dingy couch or armchair.

Upholstery cleaning significantly lengthens the lifespan of your furniture and makes it more enjoyable to sit on. If you’re not sure how often to schedule your furniture cleanings, here are a few ways to know when you need to place a call to the upholstery cleaners.

Consider Your Home and Lifestyle

Do you have pets? Children? Frequently entertain guests? If you belong to any of these three groups, you might need to schedule furniture cleanings more often than those with 1-2 person households.

Children can spread messes onto your furniture, and pets can carry dander, dirt, and fur. There are also accidents to consider. If you regularly enjoy meals or eat on the couch, your furniture might be more at risk of getting dirty.

For people without children or pets or those with strict rules about their furniture, yearly cleaning might be enough to keep things nice until next time. Those with different living situations might want to schedule 2-4 visits per year.

Regardless, your cleaning schedule is for you to decide. If you don’t want to commit to a schedule, you can decide on a case-by-case basis.

Check Your Furniture’s Cleanliness With These Hacks

Many people don’t like to establish schedules when it comes to furniture cleaning. They might need it earlier or later than the schedule allows. In these cases, they might need methods to “tell” when their furniture needs a clean.

  • Vacuum method. If you have pets, you might prefer this one. By attaching a black cloth to the end of your vacuum nozzle, you can run it across your furniture and locate dander, which appears as white debris on the cloth. If you see a lot of dander in your furniture, getting a professional clean might reduce odors and allergies.
  • White cloth method. If you wet a clean white rag and run it over the backs and arms of your furniture, you can determine whether the upholstery is dirty. If the cloth comes back grey or brown, your furniture is in need of some TLC.

Regardless of how you decide to clean your furniture, knowing who to call can make the actual process a lot easier. The Dry Guys are experts at upholstery cleaning and use a special method to leave your furniture clean and dry by the end of the visit. No excess water, and no chance of mildew or mold!