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Quality Commercial Rug Cleaning Service in Kenosha

Specialized Cleaning Methods for Different Types of Rugs Wool, Silk, Cotton, & Synthetic.

Need commercial rug cleaning in Kenosha, WI? The Dry Guys are here to help! We know commercial rug cleaning and carpet cleaning better than the back of our hands!

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, makes, and fabrics.

However, they all have one thing in common – they require proper care. We have several cleaning methods at our facility to serve all your commercial rug cleaning needs. Some methods clean the entire rug through, others clean the surface of the fibers only. Rugs vary in their type of fiber, the strength of the color dyes, and how they are constructed.

Take a look at the first step in our Area Rug cleaning process, then call us for a free estimate.

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Existing Problems?

We also look at any problems that exist – was something spilled on the rug? Did a pet have an accident on the rug? Does the rug get heavy and frequent foot traffic? All of these factors are considered when determining the type of cleaning that will best suit the rug’s needs.


  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Synthetic


  • Hand-made
  • Machine made
  • Woven
  • Tufted
  • Braided

Common Area Rug Types

area rug cleaning, types of area rugs, the dry guys
area rug cleaning, types of area rugs, the dry guys
area rug cleaning, types of area rugs, the dry guys


Eventually, something is likely to get spilled on your rug. When it does, resist the inclination to use a cleanser and scrub the area, as this will probably cause more harm than good and can actually cause damage to the fibers of the rug. If you have one of our Spot Removal Kits, follow the instructions as you would for a spill on your carpeting, being careful to watch for any bleeding of the rug dyes. ALWAYS TEST A SMALL AREA FIRST for any color or texture distortion!

If you do not have one of our Spot Removal Kits, you can still attempt to remove the spill by using simply club soda (or soda water) and cotton towels. Follow the steps listed below for safely treating spots on your area rug:

  • If there are any thick or dense parts (such as food), use a spoon to scoop off as much of the spill as possible. Then immediately blot the wet area with a clean, white cotton towel. DO NOT SCRUB the affected area.
  • After blotting, inspect the towel. Check to see if the liquid from the spill, as well as any of the rug’s dyes, are absorbing into the towel.
  • If you see color from the rug’s dyes are absorbing into the towel, blot a bit more and then STOP. Continuing the process will cause the area’s dyes to bleed together, resulting in damage to the rug. Pack the area with corn starch to absorb the moisture and the spill.
  • If you only see the spill absorbing into the towel, then place another folded towel underneath the rug where the spill occurred. Use a sponge to dampen the affected area with club soda. Do NOT pour the club soda directly onto the spill. (It is important to control the moisture!) This will help you continue to absorb the spill substance into the towel. Continue blotting with the towel until you have removed as much of the spill as you can.
  • Drying thoroughly is the final step, and critical to prevent mildew or dry rot of the rug. Prop the rug up to allow for proper air flow and dry the foundation thoroughly. Do this for at least one day to ensure complete drying. Even if the rug feels dry to the touch, the foundation may still contain moisture. You can use a warm hair dryer to quicken the drying time. Keep the rug elevated for at least a day to allow the air to flow through and dry all the fibers completely.

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