Carpet Cleaning

Pet Accident Carpet Cleaning

Do you love your pet, but don’t love the messes they make? Pet accidents are a normal part of animal ownership, but they can wreak havoc on your carpeted floors. Immediate action to remedy the situation, follow up to find hidden damage, and prevention techniques will save the day. Whoops! An accident – what should […]

Keeping Carpets Spotless with a Sensible Cleaning Schedule

Carpet cleaning should be a part of your regular housecleaning plan… but how often should carpets be cleaned, and when is it time for a professional carpet cleaning? The Dry Guys do have some basic rules of thumb when it comes to the care and maintenance of your home’s carpets. Here are the best tips […]

The Different Types of Carpeting, and Why It Matters

If you’re planning on re-carpeting your home, or wish to identify your existing carpet to have it cleaned, understanding the types of carpet and their pros/cons is the first step. Some carpets require extreme care when cleaning and handling, so knowing the differences between them can save a lot of frustration. Types of Carpet Materials […]

Using and Caring for Area Rugs in Your Home

Area rugs can be a way to display heirlooms handed down from generation to generation, or as a pleasant reminder of an exotic vacation. However, there are many other benefits to having area rugs in your home, including: Floor Protection An area rug can help protect flooring like hardwood, laminate, or tile. You can also […]

Springtime Carpet Cleaning

Are Your Carpets Showing Wear from Wintertime? It’s time for spring cleaning! After a long, wet, snowy, and icy winter, your carpets may be showing strain.  Now that it’s sunny and the flowers and grass are growing, you will want to start thinking about your spring cleaning. High on the list are all of your […]

Caring for Different Types of Area Rugs in Your Home

Area rugs can make an incredible floor covering while simultaneously protecting your carpet, hardwood, or tile. They are soft and warm underfoot during the winter, eliminate chances of skidding for little paws or feet, and can add vibrancy, color, and beauty to your home. Entryway Area Rugs Entryway rugs are usually sturdy, washable, and able […]

How to Prevent Carpet Stains During Winter Weather

Dirty floors don’t help cold-weather blues. If you’re drowning in mud, slush, and snow, you might be wondering how you can save your floors from the same fate. Luckily, The Dry Guys have perfected our method for keeping floors clean in Kenosha, Racine and beyond, every day of the year. Helpful Tips to Prevent Carpet […]

What to do When a Pet has an Accident on Your Rug

If your pet has an accident on a valuable or heirloom area rug, the initial reaction may be despair – but all hope is not lost. Whether it was your cat, bird, pet lizard, hamster, bunny or miniature horse who accidentally soiled your area rug, the Dry Guys can help you, and following these six […]

A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Home Carpets Clean

Just like rugs, hardwood, and tile flooring carpet will become dirty over time. How long you can go between professional carpet cleaning depends on your treatment of your floors and your cleaning habits. Professional carpet cleaners are a necessity, especially if you have thick or lightly-colored carpets in your home. The fibers can become stained, […]