Keeping Carpets Spotless with a Sensible Cleaning Schedule

Carpet cleaning should be a part of your regular housecleaning plan… but how often should carpets be cleaned, and when is it time for a professional carpet cleaning?

The Dry Guys do have some basic rules of thumb when it comes to the care and maintenance of your home’s carpets. Here are the best tips for keeping your flooring looking and smelling fresh.

First, if it’s been a while since your carpets were professionally cleaned, give The Dry Guys a call so you can start with a clean slate. The HOST cleaning system requires very little water to be used and leaves carpets feeling fresh and clean, with a reduced chance of mold underneath carpet padding. Then follow these guidelines.

Carpet damage prevention

You can cut down on flattening of carpet fibers by arranging your furniture in such a way that several foot-traffic routes through each room are encouraged. Then, shift your furniture by a few inches to either side periodically, to subtly alter the paths through the room. For hallways or established routes through a room you can lay down runner or an area rug.

Enforcing a “no shoes” policy in the house will also cut down on grime. Having a shoe rack at each entry and also a place to put sports equipment as well as a coat rack can help prevent dirt from out of doors being tracked into the house.

Regular carpet maintenance

Rooms in heavy use should be receiving a light vacuum a few times each week. Rooms that are used less frequently can be vacuumed once a week or so to keep carpets fresh and fluffy – you can run across with a duster and vacuum in mere minutes.

If a bad spill or a pet accident happens, you can turn to a trusty spill kit or call The Dry Guys if you’re worried about a stain. Fast action can help preserve your carpeted floors and keep them looking new.

Professional carpet cleaning in Kenosha

Have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Most homeowners aim for a spring clean and a fall clean. You can add cleanings before big house parties or events, or if you are having company at the holidays. By keeping your carpets clean and following these tips, you can maintain your floors for years and avoid costly replacements or worn or grimy areas.