Pet Accident Carpet Cleaning

Do you love your pet, but don’t love the messes they make? Pet accidents are a normal part of animal ownership, but they can wreak havoc on your carpeted floors. Immediate action to remedy the situation, follow up to find hidden damage, and prevention techniques will save the day.

Whoops! An accident – what should you do?

An accident isn’t the end of the world. Be patient and follow these steps to clean up a pet accident.

Number One

If a puddle has suddenly appeared in your pet’s vicinity, don’t panic. Grab paper towels or a clean cotton cloth or shammy, and drop it on the puddle to blot it. Press gently and then replace paper toweling and repeat or fold and turn the cloth and blot again until you can’t get any more out.

With a fresh cloth, cover the spot and step without your weight, being careful not to move sideways and smear the wetness. This should make sure all liquid possible has been pulled back up out of the carpet.

Number Two

If the problem is, uhmm, more solid, pick up all of the matter you can without smearing. Allowing the feces to dry may seem disgusting, but may also allow you to remove the clump in one piece, without leaving particles stuck to the carpet. From there you can use the clean water and vinegar method to flush the area and soak out the smell or stain.

Treating the affected area with a product designed to repel your cat or dog is a smart move. You may also want to run a blacklight over your carpets to see if they’ve had an accident you missed, so you can clean the floor and deodorize it before applying repellent. Otherwise your pet will keep returning to the spot.

Prevention and Training

Take soiled cloths or paper toweling and place them in an area your pet is allowed to relieve themselves – ideally out-of-doors. Praise or treat them effusively when they use the correct spot. Puppies can take a while to train, but it will be well worth it. Older dogs usually catch on quickly and are eager to please.

The more accidents you can head off with a hurried trip outdoors, the better. Don’t swat your pet or rub your pet’s face in their mess – they won’t understand this and will only become anxious. Praise when they do the right thing is far more effective.

If a stubborn spot refuses to come out, don’t worry. Just pick up the phone and call The Dry Guys – our pet stain removal skills will solve the issue!