Flood and Water Damage

Call Water Damage Experts First

Water damage can be exhausting, frustrating, and expensive to fix if not immediately addressed by a water damage remediation team of experts who can quickly and efficiently get the water OUT of your home and start you on the road to recovery. The Dry Guys, Water Damage experts in Kenosha, are there for you when […]

Cold Weather Mold Prevention Tactics

Mold thrives in damp environments, and during the cold, wet winter months, these may occur more often. It’s important to make sure mold never gets a foothold in your home, and even more important to wipe out any existing colonies before they cause lasting damage to you or your home. Mold in the home can […]

Dealing with Water Damage after a Spring Flood

Spring can bring a lot of things: warm weather, flowers, and downpours. The consequences of heavy rain can result in low-level flooding, and this can be a problem for many homeowners. What happens when the shower ends and you’re left with a foot of water in your home? If your area is struck with a […]

Dealing with Water-Related Damage in Kenosha

Many areas of the United States are at constant risk for water-related damage; especially those in “flood plains” or close to lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Besides natural, weather-related disasters, however, is the possibility of flooding from other sources – a burst pipe, a failed pump, or even an unattended tap or a faulty waterbed […]

Preventing Water Damage in Your Kenosha Home

While water damage inside a home is often the result of local flooding, or a pipe bursting in winter, there are many possible causes of a water leak year round. Knowing how to prevent water leaks and avoid damage to your home is important. If you are just now realizing this due to a water […]

April Showers Bring… Flooded Kenosha Homes?

While spring showers make the flowers grow, they can also cause occasional problems for residents living in areas with low-level flooding. A sudden storm can lead to flash flooding, and if your home is affected, you may find yourself in sudden need of a water damage remediation service. Who should you call? Why “the dry […]