When Flooding Strikes: Call the Water Damage Remediation Experts

Water damage can be exhausting, frustrating, and expensive to fix if not immediately addressed by a water damage remediation team of experts who can quickly and efficiently get the water OUT of your home and start you on the road to recovery. The Dry Guys are there for you when your case may seem hopeless, so don’t despair – there is almost always a way to remedy your situation.

There are many causes of water damage, with different levels of contamination, including:

Potable Water

Water leaked from an inbound pipe (from a source that is safe to drink) is usually clean and not contaminated, so the main thing to do is to shut off the water, stay away from areas that have electrical outlets that could be wet, and call in the pros to pump the water out, extract it from your carpets, and clean your upholstery. Other sources of water could be from a faucet leak, a hose leading TO a dishwasher or clothes washer, or from an outside clean water faucet leaking water that seeps inside. If you could drink the water or use it to wash dishes in, the water is probably not contaminated.

Non-Potable Water

This is the water you wouldn’t use to drink or wash dishes in because it’s not certified safe for consumption. It can be rain or stormwater, reclaimed or recycled water, or water from a waterbed that has burst or a non-potable cistern that has tipped over. Non-potable water also comes from water that has been used for washing dishes or clothes or showering, as long as it has not mixed with water from toilets or that might otherwise contain fecal matter. It poses no real risk if you take early action by calling in a team of professionals like The Dry Guys.

Potentially Contaminated Water

This would be water from a fish tank, a waterbed, or other sources you aren’t sure about, including light flooding from surrounding landscaping that isn’t sewer contaminated.  Stay out of the water and call a water damage remediation service.

Contaminated Water

Any water that has potential for fecal matter or decomposed animals matter should be treated as hazardous. Call The Dry Guys and vacate until it is cleaned up.

The Dry Guys can help you drain and dry your home, but call us early rather than later. If your house starts to smell a week later, it’s from water soaked into your flooring and upholstery, and there may not be possible recovery due to significant mildew, rot, and mold.