April Showers Bring… Flooded Kenosha Homes?

While spring showers make the flowers grow, they can also cause occasional problems for residents living in areas with low-level flooding.

A sudden storm can lead to flash flooding, and if your home is affected, you may find yourself in sudden need of a water damage remediation service. Who should you call? Why “the dry guys”, of course.

When excessive amounts of rain cause an area to flood, suddenly a homeowner can end up with a couple of feet of water in the house.  Flooding can cause a lot of damage, and you will need the help of experts in order to get rid of the excess water.

Why can’t you just let things dry out on their own?

  1. When water floods your home, there are several hazards. The water may not be very clean and can carry bacteria. This puts your family at risk for illness, allergies and disease.
  2. Even once the water levels have gone down, damp conditions are perfect for bacteria and mold to start to grow. Exposure to certain kinds of mold can make you, your kids, and your pets very sick. Checking for mold regularly, especially in homes that get flooded every year or so, is a must.
  3. Furniture and rugs can often be saved with prompt action. You may assume you have to replace everything, but that may not be the case. By calling in “the dry guys” promptly, you could save thousands of dollars.
  4. Your insurance company may not cover flooding, so check if you live in an area where this is a possibility. Even with insurance, you have to have professionals do clean up. Don’t assume everything will just “dry out”: on its own – water damage can cause structural problems of not addressed properly.

Without a professional with the right equipment to remove every trace of water, the long lasting effects of an April shower will last for years. Don’t let your family be victims of the after effects of a flood – call for professional water damage remediation today.

Flooded Kenosha Homes? Let The Dry Guys Help