Flood and Water Damage

Dealing with Frozen, Broken Pipes in Cold Winters

Are your pipes safe from freezing and bursting? Did you remember to check every outdoor faucet, every basement pipe, and take precautions against freezing in case of a below zero chill? Even when you take every safeguard you can think of, sometimes a deep freeze can break through your carefully thought out defenses and a […]

Flooded Basements and Lingering Water Damage 

Milwaukee flood cleanup can be exhausting, frustrating, and linger on long after the actual waters have receded. If you take early action by calling in a team of professionals like “the dry guys”, they can speed the process along and have your basement back to normal in much less time! Let’s take a quick look […]

Five Tips for Avoiding Broken Frozen Water Pipes

During the winter months, one of the worst experiences a homeowner can have is frozen, broken water pipes and the mess that this can cause! A broken pipe can happen in the middle of the night, and result in water spraying out of the cracked seam or broken joint for hours before the problem is […]

Dealing With Sewage Cleanup in Your Milwaukee Home

If you have had a sewage incident in your Milwaukee home, do you know who to call? Your local carpet cleaner might be your best bet. For example, “the dry guys” don’t just offer carpet cleaning services; they also specialize in flood remediation services and can assist you with turning your home back into a […]

Dealing With Water Damage

Trusting your Home and Belongings to the Experts When disaster strikes, water can fill your home and cause immense confusion! What do you do first? Who do your turn to? “the dry guys” can help you through this difficult time, providing expert advice and knowledgeable restoration to return your home to its former glory. Flood […]