Fire and Water Damage – Salvaging Your Kenosha, WI, Home

There’s nothing like a home fire to leave your family literally out in the cold. Even if your home was saved, it may be soot covered and waterlogged. Who do you call? “The dry guys”, of course! You need a knowledgeable team of experts who can handle your flood remediation needs and do water cleanup to help restore your home to livable condition.

Flood remediation just isn’t a matter of calling out family and friends and having everyone pitch in – there are hazards involved with a fire stricken house that have to be taken into account. Depending on the age of your Kenosha, WI. home, there could be toxins released by the fire when certain materials burned, and the water in your carpets could be contaminated and unsafe.

Water Damage Control

In cases of severe water damage, you really need a company that specializes in water damage control and restoration to take the lead. Here’s what you can expect from “the dry guys” if you call us in to assist you:

First, we’ll do a complete evaluation. Perhaps you lucked out and the damage is confined to one wing of the house (common with kitchen fires). Alternately, maybe your home was adjacent to an out of control blaze, and suffered a thorough soaking as firefighters battled to stop the spread of the flames. We can provide a complete and efficient inspection that will assess the damage done as well as the steps needed to restore your home, and will also forward it to your insurance company for approval.

If there is no other damage to the carpets than water and maybe a little soot, we may be able to salvage your floor coverings. If so, water extraction of carpets, floor rugs and furniture may be the next step, in order to completely dry everything so that mold and rot do not occur.

Our top of the line flood remediation specialists will make sure there are no health hazards and do our best to speed the drying process along – meaning your time at a hotel or family member’s house will be kept to a minimum. This helps you plan appropriately, since most insurance companies don’t cover the tab for living accommodations during this process.

There’s no way that dealing with water damage will be fun, but we will do our best to make the process as hassle free and swift as possible, so you can go back to enjoying the comforts of your own home as soon as possible!