Are you a Victim of Wisconsin Flooding? How to Deal with Water Damage

A flood doesn’t have to be the end of the world as you know it! Dealing with water damage isn’t as harrowing as you might think if you have the right people helping you and the right advice. If your Wisconsin home is soaking wet, a flooding situation should prompt you to do four things right away.

  1. Get yourself and your family members to safety. If there is any chance of electrical shock (power strips submerged, flooding up to power outlets in walls, etc) get everyone away fro the area until professionals arrive. Don’t flick any lights switches or try to unplug anything – just vacate the area!
  2. Stop the water at its source, if possible. If the flooding is being caused by a broken line or faucet, locate the turnoff valve or get the water shut off at the meter.
  3. Call “the dry guys”. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can generally have a team at your home or place of business within an hour of your call. We specialize in flood damage repair and can help you through the process from start to finish!
  4. Call your insurance company. We will work together to get your home or workplace put back to rights as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the least amount of headache for you.

If it is safe to venture into the flooded areas, there are some more things you can do while waiting for help to arrive that will minimize the water damage to your belongings and home. (If the water is toxic – for example, if you see feces floating, smell raw sewage, or are the victim of flooding caused by hurricane or tropical storm, stay out of the water until you are told it is safe.)

Ÿ  Remove your valuables to a safe place. If you have important documents jewelry or other valuables, consider taking them to the bank and putting them in a safe deposit box until your home is restored.

Ÿ  Grab a bag and pack a change of clothes plus any needed medications. If it turns out that you need to leave the premises for the night, you need supplies!

Ÿ  Move furniture out of the water if possible. Metal and wood can cause stains on the flooring if left to sit in water. However, only try to move heavy furniture if you have help, and be careful not to slip and fall. Also remove any newspapers, magazines, and rugs that may contain dyes that can bleed and discolor your furniture or carpets.

Flood restoration services provided by “the dry guys” can return your home to its former glory. Follow these steps to stay safe and deal with the issue until we arrive, then sit back and let us handle the hard work. It’s what we’re good at!