Dealing With Water Damage

Trusting your Home and Belongings to the Experts

When disaster strikes, water can fill your home and cause immense confusion! What do you do first? Who do your turn to? “the dry guys” can help you through this difficult time, providing expert advice and knowledgeable restoration to return your home to its former glory.

Flood remediation isn’t something that can usually be handled by family and friends, no matter how well meaning! It can be hard to let someone else come into your home and take over – but in cases of severe water damage, a company that specializes in water damage control and restoration can take the burden off of your shoulders and ensure that the job is done right!

The first step after a flooding incident is an evaluation. If you’ve been the victim of a flash flood, the damage and concerns will be different than if you’ve simply had a bathtub overflow. Whether or not the water was clean or contaminated will dictate what should be done. “the dry guys” can provide a complete and efficient inspection that will assess the damage done as well as the steps needed to restore your home, and will present it to your insurance company for approval.

If the home is stable, cleanup can begin! If the water was not contaminated with sewage or anything toxic, water extraction of carpets, floor rugs and furniture may be applicable. The main goal is to get everything completely dry, so that mold and rot do not occur. Flood remediation specialists will check  repeatedly during the process to make sure there are no health hazards and speed the drying process.

You may have to find other accommodations during the restoration process, but with a company like “the dry guys”, your time away from home will be as short as possible. You’ll also receive regular updates on how the work is coming along, with an estimate of total time needed given at the start of the restoration process so you can make plans. Since most flood insurance policies do not cover living expenses during restoration, getting back in your home quickly can be a priority!

Dealing with water damage in your home can seem overwhelming, no matter what the cause. An experienced, reputable flood restoration company can provide help and hope, restoring your home to livability and preventing the event from causing further problems in the future. Make the right choice and hire “the dry guys” if your home has been subjected to flooding or other water damage, and get your life back to normal as fast as possible!