Flooded Basements and Lingering Water Damage 

Milwaukee flood cleanup can be exhausting, frustrating, and linger on long after the actual waters have receded. If you take early action by calling in a team of professionals like “the dry guys”, they can speed the process along and have your basement back to normal in much less time!

Let’s take a quick look at what you need to do in case of basement flooding:

  • ŸFirst, figure out where the water came from. If you have experienced heavy flooding in the area from rain, it might not be just rainwater you are dealing with – heavy rain and flooding can lead to sewer involvement. If you don’t know where the water came from, you probably need to call us and/or a plumber immediately, especially if water levels are still rising.
  • ŸSecond, figure out what the water quality is like. If it’s a mere broken pipe or fairly clean rainwater, that’s one thing. If it’s sewer water or raw sewage, you have a completely different and more problematic situation. Again, you can call us in to evaluate if you aren’t certain, but if there is a bad stench, odds are you need to vacate to avoid harmful toxins.
  • ŸThird, stay out of the water. If it reaches up to any electrical plugs, you could be at serious risk by stepping into the water. Don’t flick any switches or try to get to a breaker box. Keep kids and pets away from the standing water – even a few inches are enough to drown in if someone slips and hits their head.
  • ŸFourth, if the water is clean and there is no danger of electrocution, you can attempt to shift furniture, boxes, books and other valuables out of low standing water. Pay special attention to anything that might not be color fast, including rugs, newspapers or magazines that that might bleed ink or dye.
  • ŸFifth, call your insurance company! You need to know what coverage you have – hopefully, you have flood coverage (if you don’t, now is the time to get covered!) Once you have contacted them, call “the dry guys” and give us your insurance information so we can go to bat for you

We can help you drain and dry your basement, but only if you call us. Don’t let lingering water damage in your basement just sit there – it’s an open invitation for rot, mold, and a host of other problems. “the dry guys” are well versed in the flood remediation process, and we are committed to repairing and restoring your home so you can move on as soon as possible!