4 Steps to Preventing Costly Moth-Related Rug Damage

Aside from the common issues like dirt, dust, and stains, moths can also cause significant — and often irreparable — damage to your area rugs. While they may seem like the most harmless of insects, moths can insidiously ruin your area rugs and then wreak havoc on your wardrobe too.

Whether you’re protecting an expensive modern decorative rug or a family heirloom, keeping your belongings safe is our first priority.

Area Rug Moth Damage Solutions

In case you’re wondering how to prevent damage, or spot it once it’s begun, here are a few tips and tricks on how to save your area rugs before it’s too late.

  1. Learn about the risks. If you live in an area that sees a lot of moth activity, check to see what kind of moths might enter your home and ruin your carpets. A quick online search can help you quickly determine if your rugs are at risk from webbing moths or casemaking moths.
  2. Take preventive measures. First, vacuum both sides of your area rugs monthly. Note that natural fibered rugs are the most vulnerable, as wool is actually food for these pests. Wool can attract moths, and they and their larvae will eat through your rug. If you think you could need professional cleaning in order to keep your rugs safe, call The Dry Guys for quick and easy cleaning.
  3. Identify the damage. If you think your rug may have been exposed to moths, check the bottoms and seams for casings. Look for a sticky, lint-like type fuzz, usually under the rug, because moths start in the dark & undisturbed area. Also, look for missing fibers or noticing holes. The larvae are the harmful ones and can inch their way across your rug and eat the fibers faster than you can keep up with the holes. If you have questions on what type of moth a casing might belong to, be sure to talk to a professional.
  4. Exterminate the problem. If you see moths in your home, you should probably check your rugs for damage, or at least larvae or eggs. If there might be a chance that your rugs have been infested, an exterminator should take care of your home & rugs. Then call The Dry Guys for treatment. Defeating the problem early can save you time, stress, money, and even a rug.

Awareness is the most important tool you can have against moths, and vigilance is the most important tool you can wield. Staying on top of your rug care and calling The Dry Guys before a problem sets in can help ensure your rugs last longer – maybe your entire life!