Winter Mold Prevention Tips for Wisconsin

Mold likes to grow in warm, damp places – and the inside of your home can be the perfect location. Dampness sets in and mold can multiply on almost any porous surface, causing damage to drywall and other materials, and sometimes releasing dangerous spores into the air. If your asthma or allergies act up more inside than out, you could have a hidden mold problem.

Mold prevention tips

Mold will start to grow in just two days, given the right conditions. That musty smell you get when you leave wet clothes in the washer or a damp towel on the floor of the bathroom? Mold. So how do you prevent mold in your home?

Clean, disinfect, and dry

This three step process should be carried out for almost any surface in your home, especially areas that are wet a lot of the time, like sinks or bathtubs. Bathrooms and kitchens are some of mold’s favorite places, so adding disinfecting and drying to your cleanup routine can head-off mold problems.


Moisture in the air can collect on surfaces even after you’ve dried them, so consider a dehumidifier in rooms of your house that have dampness problems, and add an exhaust fan to the bathroom to quickly flush out moist air after showering or bathing. Run the bathroom fan for 30 minutes after bathing. Also turn on your kitchen stove hood vent fan when cooking to flush away moisture there.

Stop seepage

Slow leaks can cause moisture to continually plague your home, so look for leaky pipes or fittings and fix them promptly. You can invest in a smart water leak detection system that will let you know immediately if moisture levels rise under a sink or behind an appliance ­– top places for leaks.

Dry storage

Off-season clothing, camping items, sporting gear and other stuff you use occasionally or seasonally should be completely clean and dry before packing away. You can add some moisture fighting packets in the box before sealing, and consider packing in paper first if you use plastic storage tubs.

Keep air circulating

On any day that is warm enough, open up windows to let fresh air in. Move furniture away from walls in the winter – just a few inches can let air circulate. Set up fans to push air around in rooms where air is still.

Got mold?

If you find mold in your home, stay calm and call The Dry Guys. We have a mold cleanup plan to help you get mold out of your home and prevent its return.