Dealing with Flooding and Water Damage: Safety First

Water damage can be caused by storms, flooding, or broken pipes in your home. Knowing when to call for help is key. The Dry Guys offer professional Wisconsin water damage remediation services, so make them your first call – and stay safe while your home recovers from water damage. 

Is it storm or floodwaters?

Get your most important belongings together and vacate the premises. Call The Dry Guys as well as your homeowners insurance company and flood insurance company. Stuff to pack includes small valuables, important documents, cash, and ID plus a change of clothes for each person and any medications or medical equipment. If flooding is increasing, speed up and only take what is absolutely necessary. Don’t risk your life if waters are rising!

Looking for burst pipes

Locate where the water is coming from. If there is a broken pipe, turn off the pipe’s water supply. If you can’t locate the leak, try turning off water from the entire house. Electrical dangers are a primary concern, so don’t mess with any electrical cords, plugs, or outlets that have been touched by the water. Avoid water if you believe it is from a contaminated source. A foul smell could indicate back-up from a burst sewer main, so add the water company to the list of people to call.

Get a professional assessment ASAP

Standing water needs to be dealt with rapidly, to reduce the amount of damage and chance of having to fully replace flooring, furniture, and even walls in your home. Even if the waters go down quickly, there can be lasting contamination, damage, and a high risk of mold. Call water remediation professionals as soon as possible for an assessment of the damage to and dangers in your home.

The Dry Guys can give you a comprehensive report and an estimate on water damage remediation, and coordinate with your homeowners insurance company. Ask your insurer about loss of use coverage to see if they will cover alternate living space for the duration of repairs. You can recover from water damage but it’s important to act quickly and get expert help.