A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Home Carpets Clean

Just like rugs, hardwood, and tile flooring carpet will become dirty over time. How long you can go between professional carpet cleaning depends on your treatment of your floors and your cleaning habits.

Professional carpet cleaners are a necessity, especially if you have thick or lightly-colored carpets in your home. The fibers can become stained, worn, or tamped down by the constant foot traffic throughout your home. This goes double if you have pets going in and out.

With a bit of effort, your carpets can stay clean longer, and you can relax and simply schedule a routine cleaning by the Dry Guys once a year. To avoid letting your carpets become too dingy, here are a few tips on how to maintain them in between cleanings:

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Establish a “no-shoes” rule. Invest in a shoe rack, and politely instruct guests and family members to remove their shoes at the door. This is a cultural norm in many places, so you won’t look odd for asking.
  • Move your furniture often. Regularly adjusting your furniture just a few inches from its original location can prevent people from wearing tracks into the carpet. This small change can significantly improve the lifespan and appearance of your carpets.
  • Vacuum regularly. Vacuuming removes dirt, fluffs carpet fibers, and leaves your floor looking clean and rejuvenated. If you leave dirt in the carpet fibers for too long, foot traffic can grind it farther into the carpet. It’s better to vacuum weekly and keep your floors fresh.
  • Spot-check. You can ask The Dry Guys about safe, reliable carpet cleaning products for your carpet style. Keep a bottle and rag on hand in case there’s an accident, and tackle stains before they can ruin your carpet. Remember – blot, don’t scrub!
  • Arrange for regular cleanings by The Dry Guys at least every six months. If you live in a home with pets or kids, you might need to make this call more often.
  • Only use carpet cleaners with the latest equipment. The Dry Guys use HOST cleaning system, which removes dirt, grime, and stains and leaves your carpets fresh, fluffy, and dry enough to walk on after only a few hours.

Regular carpet cleaning and dedicated upkeep between cleanings can extend the life of your carpeting and keep your home looking beautiful. Call the Dry Guys for an evaluation today, and don’t forget to ask about our spot cleaning kit.