Area Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Are your carpets and area rugs looking a little worse for wear? Maybe it’s time for some floor-covering TLC. Your carpet cleaning service will often clean area rugs as well (“the dry guys” does both) but there are a few key differences between area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting.


Carpeting typically has several components; the subflooring is usually concrete or old hardwood. Then a layer of thick padding is laid down, then the carpet, which is stretched tight and secured along each wall and at each doorway with a tack strip. Carpeting needs to be cleaned in such a way that dirt and grime are removed from the fibers and water doesn’t stay underneath the pad causing excess moisture.

“The dry guys” uses a dry carpet cleaning system (HOST) which utilizes tiny, barely moistened sponges that work into the fibers and grab all the dirt, dust, debris and other material in the carpet. These are worked through the carpet, then vacuumed out. There is no excess water remaining in the carpet or pad, and the carpet is dry enough to walk on almost immediately. This method works for almost all kinds of carpet, and is an ideal method for households with children or pets, or any allergies or asthma.

Area Rugs

Area rugs lie on top of flooring. They are movable, and can be cleaned using several different methods. However, the best area rug cleaning method depends on several factors:

  • Size and shape: Rugs can be big or small, and adopt many shapes; a long runner to go down hallways, wide oblongs to cover the majority of a room’s floor, round or oval to fit under a table, and so on.
  • Material: Rugs can be made of wool, silk, cotton, or synthetic blends.
  • Structure: Rugs may be handmade or machine made; methods include weaving, braiding, knotting and more.

Rugs may be taken and cleaned outside the home in a special facility, then returned when they are dry to be rolled out on your floor looking as good as new.

Carpets need to be cleaned professionally about twice a year; ask “the dry guys” about specifics for your rugs, as they may be cleaned less often. Also ask about care in-between professional cleanings; we have special spot cleaning kits in case you, a child or a pet makes an immediate rescue operation necessary.