Area Rug Cleaning – A Unique & Appreciated Mother’s Day Gift

If your rugs are looking a little worse for wear, it might be time for a good cleaning! If you take care of your area rugs, you will extend their life & luster to enjoy for years to come. Suggested cleaning is every 1-2 years, depending on traffic.

There are several different types of material used for area rugs & this affects the kind of cleaning products & processes that can be used to clean them.

Rugs can also be constructed in several different ways, and the method of manufacture should also be taken into account for the proper cleaning procedure. This is best handled by a professional.

At Home Area Rug Care

  1. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum – this is very important. If possible, vacuum the backside also monthly/bi-monthly. (Watch for our segment on Bugs & Rugs)
  2. Spot removal – If you have a spill or soil spot to clean up, you can try the steps below or give “the dry guys” a call.

For most spots, remove surface debris first. Use a dry white cotton towel to gently blot the area & remove any liquid. If color is bleeding, lift the rug and spread a thick layer of baking soda under the affected portion, then pack baking soda on the top as well. This will help minimize further bleeding/damage. Or you can call the professionals.

If there is no color bleed, use a dry white cotton towel under & on top of the rug to absorb any additional moisture. Sponge the area carefully with club soda and blot with clean towels until the spot is gone, prop the affected area of the rug up & set a fan to blow on it so it will dry on top & underneath. Preferably, if possible turn the rug face down with a fan blowing across the affected area. This will wick any remaining portion of the accident to the back.

If your rug didn’t come with care instructions we can help identify the makeup of your rug & advise on any needs it may have.

A short stay at our Rug Resort will revive its beauty & extend its life.