Area Rug Home Care – and When to Call the Experts

Whether your area rug is big or small, round or rectangular, wool, silk, cotton or synthetic – knowing how to care for your floor coverings is key to making them last.

If your area rugs are dusty, the time honored custom of hanging them over a clothesline and beating them may or may not be a good idea – it will depend on how sturdy they are. If there’s any question as to their ability to stand up to a vigorous bashing with a broom-handle, you will probably be better served by going over them with a vacuum instead.

To keep your rugs from getting extra dirty or trampled down, follow the following tips:

  • Rugs in areas of high traffic should be cleaned more frequently.
  • Rugs should be shifted every month or so – just a few inches to change the patter of wear from being walked on.
  • Consider a “no shoes in the house” rule. It’s the surest way to prevent damage to area rugs and carpets.
  • Keep clean, white cotton towels and a bottle of club soda or a spot cleaning kit in a handy place so spills can be addressed quickly and appropriately.
  • Keep “the dry guys” number on your fridge so you can call in case of a catastrophe. The sooner a damaged rug is treated, the better the chances of returning it to its former glory.

Most commonly, a spill is what draws attention to the condition of a rug, and prompts action to be taken. A spot cleaning kit from “the dry guys” can be utilized to minimize damage. If you don’t have a spot kit, make a note to ask for one and break out the club soda and white cotton towels instead.


Step 1: BLOT. Scoop up any solid debris, being careful not to scrape, then blot the area gently but firmly with a white cotton towel. This is the first test to see if the colors will run. If you see any color bleed, it is best to call “the dry guys”.


Step 2: TEST. Whether you are using a kit or DIY house cleaning products, do a secondary test to make sure the colors are fast. Flip up a corner of the rug and apply a small amount of spot cleaner or club soda, and see if the color runs. If it does, STOP and pack the area with cornstarch. If not, follow steps 3-4.


Step 3: BLOT. Fold a towel and place it under the rug where the spill is. Using a sponge. Dampen the area with club soda (don’t just pour the liquid on). Blot with another clean towel.


Step 4: DRY. Prop the area rug up so air can circulate above and below the wet spot. Set a fan up if you need more air movement.


If your area rug is still stained, or you noticed it is dirty, dingy, and dusty, call us. We have several cleaning methods at our facility to serve all your rug cleaning needs.