Best Emergency Carpet Stain Removers

Everyone has seen it happen – the wine glass that topples, the puppy that squats, or the kid who smears his chocolate covered hands on the pristine floor. You’re left staring at an ugly rug or carpet stain – removal is a must, but how should you go about it so as not to make matters worse?

Never fear! When you have a spot removal kit from “the dry guys”, you can handle emergency carpet spot removal on your own – or at least minimize the damage until their next carpet cleaning visit. All you need is a few common household items to take control and start dealing with the damage. Stock up on these items as soon as possible so you don’t get caught in a lurch!

Best Spot Removal Kit!

  1. A spot removal kit from “the dry guys”. If you have one of these (and you really should) then now is the time to haul it out. For carpet, shake HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner onto the spill until covered. Brush it through the carpet in all directions, then pack the area with another handful of HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner. Allow to dry completely (possibly overnight) then vacuum thoroughly. For area rugs, test an unobtrusive corner with the provided spot cleaning solution, then proceed as directed.
  2. Clean white cotton cloths. After removing any excess solids, you should carefully blot wet spots with clean white cotton towels or rags. Make sure you don’t rub or scrub, as this will simply force the stain more deeply into the fibers of your rug or carpet.
  3. Baking soda. If the spill or stain is on an area rug, and you notice the colors starting to bleed into the towel, stop and pack the top and bottom of the rug with baking soda. You’ll need an expert in rug cleaning to help you. If not, continue.
  4. Club soda. If the spill is on an area rug and the colors are fast, lift the rug and place a towel beneath it before sponging the surface gently with club soda and blotting with a clean white towel. Prop the rug up for drying so it doesn’t stay damp underneath.
  5. Water and vinegar. This is for carpet applications. The latter is not as common in homes as it used to be, but is readily available at any store. Plain white vinegar is what you want. Mix it with tap water to create a 50/50 solution. Take another clean white towel, moisten it well, and dab the affected area(s) making sure not to scrub. Blot with a dry towel, and repeat the steps until you have removed as much of the stain as possible.
  6. These emergency carpet stain removers can help you prevent a spill from becoming a disaster area. If you can’t completely remove the stain on your own, call “the dry guys” for expert assistance!