Caring for Different Types of Area Rugs in Your Home

Area rugs can make an incredible floor covering while simultaneously protecting your carpet, hardwood, or tile. They are soft and warm underfoot during the winter, eliminate chances of skidding for little paws or feet, and can add vibrancy, color, and beauty to your home.

Entryway Area Rugs

Entryway rugs are usually sturdy, washable, and able to withstand tracked in dirt and grime with ease. They can be square, rectangular, round, or oval, and selected to fit the shape of your entry or foyer.

Large Area Rugs

Large area floor rugs can cover a large space in your home, even wall to wall. They can be used to protect hardwood from furniture legs, such as a dining room table and chairs, a living room suite, or a bedroom dresser and chaise lounge.

Small Area Rugs

Smaller area rugs go perfectly as accents under a coffee table, in front of the hearth, besides a bed, or elsewhere in your home. Runners can be purchased to prevent wear and tear in the carpet down the center of your hallways.

Rag/Worked Rugs

Small rag rugs and worked rugs are usually made from a blend of fabrics and may be safe to simply toss in a washing machine and then line dry. However, larger rugs are made with a variety of “not washer safe” materials, and also have synthetic backings that are prone to warping or curling if not properly handled.

General Area Rug Info

The rug manufacturing process can vary as well; rugs may be carefully and lovingly handmade, woven, tufted, braided, or machine produced using a variety of processes. If the rug is similar to traditional carpeting, it may be cleaned using regular carpet cleaning methods.

However, rugs of unusual shape or size, or those that have anything other than a tightly bound edge, such as tassels, fringe, or knotted edges, can experience warping and stretching or shrinking without special handling.

If you aren’t sure about your rug type, you can look for a tag or marking that can tell you if it is made of wool, cotton, silk, or synthetic blends. You can also ask The Dry Guys to examine your rug and give you advice on its care.

Take care of your area rugs year-round by airing them out once in a while, promptly attending to any spills or stains, and having rugs cleaned every year or so by a professional service like The Dry Guys.