Enjoy Your Fine Area Rugs for Years to Come

Oriental and similar area rugs are often heirlooms passed down through generations. Hopefully, you keep your area rugs in good condition and call The Dry Guys when cleaning is required. However, it’s not just dirt and grime that can cause damage to rugs; bugs, improper placement, storage, moving, sunlight, and even normal foot traffic can cause wear and tear to your rug over time.

Insect Damage

Female moths lay hundreds of eggs, and the eggs hatch into larvae that can consume your rug. Moths and their larvae often can thrive in dark, undisturbed areas, so watch for them on rugs used in little trafficked areas or rooms or hallways that are often dark. Sand-like debris is often the first sign of an infestation, and the rug may appear cobwebby in places where the damage is well advanced.

Sun Damage

While most rug dyes are reasonably resistant to sun fading or bleaching, ultraviolet rays can cause damage over time if a rug is used for years in a very sunny area. Sheer drapes can block direct sunlight, and you can move the rug regularly to avoid significant sun damage concentrated on a specific spot.

Rug Placement

A rug should not be used on an uneven floor, as wear damage will occur at any point where the floor presses up against the rug from below. Rugs should be turned frequently to encourage even wear, and shifted and in or so in either direction to cut down on foot traffic making a track across them. Rug pads can be used to prevent rug slippage on smooth flooring, and to provide extra protection to the underside of the rug.

Rug Storage

Store rugs rolled and wrapped in protective sheeting, hung from rafters if possible. If the rug must be stored rolled and laying on the floor, turn it frequently to prevent flattening. When the rug is unwrapped and unrolled, the nap should be brushed in the correct direction and even, heavy weights set along the ends to help flatten the rug and mitigate curling.

Rug Moving

When moving a rug, lift and shake the rug slightly to send a ripple of air up underneath it, this can make moving the rug much easier, and prevent damage that could occur if the rug was yanked from the end or by the fringe.

Following these rug care tips can help your fine area rugs last for years. When you think your rug needs a cleaning, just call The Dry Guys and we’ll take care of the rest.