Everything you need to know about Wool Rug Cleaning

Do you have a gorgeous wool rug that is so dirty and unsightly you can’t display it? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to restore it to its former glory and make it a centerpiece for your home?

Wool rug cleaning isn’t something that can be done by just anyone! Wool rugs have to be carefully handled to avoid damage during cleaning, and there are a variety of ways they are made, which can also affect how they should be cleaned. If you call “the dry guys”, we can safely determine what type of rug you have and what methods are safe to clean it.

Step by Step:

We use several different cleaning methods at our facility; some will clean the entire rug through while others clean just the surface of the fibers. What kind of dye is present and how colorfast it is will also affect our technique.

However, the first step in wool rug cleaning is usually the same no matter what type of construction. We spread the dry rug down on a heavy metal grate laid over a concrete floor in our facility, and use a gentle machine to force loose dirt and debris completely through the rug.

When we roll the rug up and remove the metal grating, we can sweep up the dirt and dust we extracted form the rug. This technique often removes a large amount of the dirt present – before we even use a drop of water or cleaning solutions!

After the initial cleaning, we examine the rug and test a small corner to find out how set the color is in the fibers. From there we can determine which of our cleaning methods will do the best job of cleaning without doing any damage to your precious rug!

When we evaluate a rug, we also look at heavy staining or spotting which could be the result of a food spill, a pet accident, or being in the path of foot traffic from outdoors into the main area of the house.

You can lessen the effect of most spots and stains by acting quickly when events occur. We have a spot removal kit you can keep in your home for emergency wool rug cleaning; or, if it comes to a pinch, the old fallback of club soda used to dampen the area and a clean, white towel used to blot (not scrub) the affected area will usually suffice.

Give “the dry guys” a call before getting rid of that old rug. You might be surprised at how many years it has left in it after a good cleaning!