How to Prevent Carpet Stains During Winter Weather

Dirty floors don’t help cold-weather blues. If you’re drowning in mud, slush, and snow, you might be wondering how you can save your floors from the same fate. Luckily, The Dry Guys have perfected our method for keeping floors clean in Kenosha, Racine and beyond, every day of the year.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Carpet Stains This Winter

  • Use your mudroom/garage and invest in a shoe-rack. The best way to avoid dirty floors is to practice prevention. Enter through your mudroom or garage, take off your shoes at the door, and keep them on a shoe rack to keep the mud and snow away from carpeted areas.
  • Monitor children and pets. Little kids and dogs are the worst culprits when it comes to tracking in mud. If you use a doggy door, make sure there’s a mat by the opening, and try to keep the entry-way closed off. Then, you’ll have time to wipe your puppy’s paws before they come inside. For kids, make sure they stomp their feet outside before entering and wipe their feet on the mat before removing shoes and storing them neatly.
  • Place area rugs or cut and bound pieces of carpet to serve as awesome carpet-protectors. Situate them by doors, in hallways, and in any other areas that receive a fair amount of foot traffic. This will avoid wear and tear as well as grime buildup, saving you from tracked-up and dirtied carpeting
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly. If you have hardwood floors or tile, simply sweeping your floor can work miracles. If you do this on a daily to bi-weekly basis, you’ll definitely see improvement. While mopping is a pain during the winter months, running a damp rag over the floor can work wonders. You can vacuum the most-trafficked areas of your house daily and less-used rooms bi-weekly.
  • Keep a spot-clean kit on hand. Accidents happen — be prepared! Keep clean cotton toweling and approved carpet spot cleaning products on-hand for when there’s an incident. You can ask The Dry Guys about carpet safe solutions.

Place a call to The Dry Guys once the worst of winter is over. We can help you with your spring Racine carpet cleaning, taking care of your carpeted floors, tile, hardwood, area rugs and upholstery.

These tips can help you maintain a clean home over the winter, and The Dry Guys can help you spring forward with a sparkling household when the deep freeze breaks at last.