Keeping Your Carpets Cleaner During Rain, Snow, and Mud Season

Winter is coming, and that means a number of things — whether you keep up with Westeros happenings or not.  Rain and mud will begin soon, and after that comes snow –  and while it can be beautiful, it can also be quite troublesome.

Keeping Carpets Clean in All Weather

Our houses are more likely to get dirty in the wintertime, when it’s too cold to open windows, avoid mud, and properly clear out our homes. Snow is made of water, and when people track in muddy snow into the entryways, eventually you’re just left with dirty water.

This can be a nightmare if you have children, frequent guests, or pets. They go out, and they come back in with muddy, snowy feet and an entire army of germs.

Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to prevent damage and reduce the amount of dirt getting tracked into your home. The first step is to protect the outside of your home.

Buy a few pounds of rock salt, assign shoveling duties, and make sure your garage is usable. Reducing the amount of snow you have to walk through to get to your home can help a lot in cutting down how much gets tracked into your home.

Protecting the inside of your home will be easier after that, and sometimes the small things can do the most good, day by day. Make your children and guests wipe off their feet, and invest in a shoe-rack so they can take off their boots at the door. Keeping the disaster contained in the entryway can prevent your carpets from getting the brunt of the damage.

From there, you can work on protecting your interior room carpets. Try setting up puppy-pens for muddy pets so you can wipe their paws before letting them loose, and move your furniture often to avoid wear-down tracks. Rugs are the next best idea: runners for hallways, area rugs for your living room, and smaller rugs for popular doorways.

Finally, make sure you have someone reputable you can call for carpet cleaning. One good, solid cleaning can do wonders for brightening and freshening your home. The Dry Guys can become your new best friends this winter, so don’t be afraid to give us a call for a spot clean before the holidays.