New Pet in the House? Here’s How to Minimize Carpet Damage

Training a new puppy? Your carpets may pay the price! Nearly every pet owner eventually has to deal with a stain from a pet accident, but knowing how to deal with the issue promptly is key to avoiding serious damage.

See something? Do something!

As soon as you are aware there has been an accident, spring into action. Being aware of your puppy’s actions and on accident alert can save your carpet padding, which is where most lasting odors take hold. Once you have that problem, getting rid of the smell can be a challenge. Worse yet – the uric acid will stay in the flooring, tempting your pup to return to the same spot to do his or her business.

Don’t scrub at the carpet. Instead, fold a clean cotton towel into a square, lay it promptly over the puddle, and step on it (with shoes on) putting your whole weight behind your step. Repeat across the entire area of the accident, and replace the towel before doing it again. Keep doing it until the towels come up dry. Prompt action of this sort wicks the moisture straight up out of the carpet instead of letting it trickle further down and spread out.

Plan and Prevent

The best way to avoid pet accident damage to your carpets is to train your puppy from day one, This can mean following him around and rushing him out of doors or onto a strategically placed pee pad every time he starts to squat. You can use special sprays to attract him to the appropriate spot, and mask the site of accidents with other sprays that help them reject a formerly attractive spot.

If you crate train your puppy, and take her straight out after letting her out of the crate, and make sure to repeat the process before you put her back in, she will quickly learn outside is the best place for going potty. If she does have an accident, take her out immediately and then crate her when you come back in for consistency.

Call The Dry Guys

Even with the best of intentions, you may end up with some odor in your carpets from sneak accidents, especially when the humidity is high. If this happens, calling The Dry Guys for a complete Kenosha carpet cleaning can take you back to the pre-puppy days. Once your pup is trained, make that appointment and you can both start over with a clean slate.