Pet have an Accident? Call The Dry Guys

When your beloved pet has an accident on a beloved area rug, your initial reaction can be dismay – but there is plenty of hope for your rug yet, and The Dry Guys will help. If your dog, cat, hamster, or iguana has accidentally used your area rug for purposes, uhmm, “incompatible” with its design, follow these steps to restore your floor covering and put a smile back on your face.

How to Restore Carpet After Pet Accidents

Start by taking care of your pet. Remove them to a safe place (and think about a training process to avoid similar incidents). Then you can take a look at your area rug to assess the situation.

The type of material used, method of manufacture and size of your rug will all factor into the next thing you do, as well as the amount of soiling you see. If it was fecal matter, the next step will depend on how solid it was. If it was loose stool or urine, the process may be more involved.

Solid feces can be easily picked up and disposed of. Small urine spots can be blotted carefully with a clean white cotton towel. A small bit of club soda can be applied to a non-visible portion of the rug to check for color bleed, then used if appropriate to dab carefully and lift small stains. If the color bleed is visible, immediately pack the rug both above and beneath the affected area with baking soda, and call The Dry Guys for help.

A rug that is soaked in urine or less than solid feces or vomit (or that has had a mess tracked across a significant portion of the surface) means that your best move is to call The Dry Guys right away. We can come to your home, check the rug, take it back to our facility, and treat it or even give it a gentle bath if need be, without causing damage to vulnerable fibers or delicate weaves.

If your rug is an heirloom, age may have allowed fibers to become extremely worn, and insect damage may have occurred at some point We can handle your rug without causing more damage and ascertain the best way to treat and clean it so it can be returned to you in fresh condition, dry, clean and ready to be laid back down.

You can ask The Dry Guys for a spot cleaning kit and instructions on how to handle pet stains if such a thing happens at regular intervals. The most important part of spot cleaning an area rug is ensuring it dries well afterward; propping the affected area up on a small stool and aiming a fan underneath it can help dry the rug completely and avoid mold or mildew.

You don’t have to replace a beautiful, expensive rug just because of a common pet accident. Just call The Dry Guys and ask us what we can do to help rescue your area rug pet stains.