Pet Safe Home Carpet Cleaning Options in Racine

Are home carpet cleaning options safe for your pet?

One of the main concerns people have when having their carpet cleaned is the chemical compounds they are allowing into their homes. Those with pets may be particularly concerned – after all, Spot and Cuddles spend a good deal of their time very close to the floor indeed.

Everyone’s experienced traditional carpet cleaning at one point or another – the carpet guy shows up with a huge tank of water and soaks the carpets with a chemical solution before sucking most – but not all – of the water and chemicals back out again. Then it takes hours to dry, and any residual chemicals linger for months – potentially causing skin and airway irritation in you and your pets!

Fortunately, there’s a carpet cleaning service serving Racine County that can help you get perfectly cleaned carpets without the hassle and concerns that chemicals bring. You no longer have to stay out of the house for a day or more and tiptoe around damp patches for days if it is humid.

With the Dry Guys’ HOST Dry Extraction System, carpets can be thoroughly deep-cleaned without the need to saturate them with water and detergents. Since most of the dirt in carpets is dry, extra heavy-duty vacuuming can remove most of the soil before the real process of deep cleaning starts.

The remaining dirt is trapped in the carpet fibers by grease or oil and does require a detergent or solvent to remove. However, the dry extraction method controls the carpet cleaning process and the number of substances needed to provide a deep clean without hazards.

A very small amount of water, mild detergent, and a few safe solvents are applied to the carpeting using a sponge-like product that is itself natural. Soft bristle brushes gently work the sponges through the carpet. The sponges absorb and trap the dirt, dust, soil, and other contaminants in your carpeting, and a final vacuum carries it all way leaving a dry, soft, clean surface.

The Dry Guys know how important your four-footed friends are to you. That’s why we use this advanced method of carpet cleaning that ensures your carpets are completely free of dirt without resorting to traditional carpet cleaning methods. All the HOST products are made from 100% plant resources and are Green Seal Certified, meaning they are non-toxic, biobased, and safe for you, your pets, and even the environment!

Do you move my furniture?

Yes, we do – for no additional charge. Exceptions include electronics (televisions, stereos, computers, etc) and large heavy items such as entertainment centers, pianos, large hutches, etc.)