Properly Caring for Your Area Rug

Caring for Your Area Rug Can Significantly Extend The Lifespan

Did you know that properly caring for your area rugs can significantly extend their lifespan? A rug can be a warm, soft addition to your home or a sleek stylish décor statement. Depending on your preferences, they can be fluffy and placed beside beds or flat to fit under a couch or sofa. There is no right or wrong way to choose a rug, but it is advisable to keep your choice clean just like your other upholstery and furniture. It is suggested to clean your rugs every 2 – 3 years, especially for natural fibered rugs.

How Rugs Get Dirty

Rugs collect dirt and grime just as much as other carpets and furniture, and if your rug encounters frequent foot traffic, you could be looking at a lot more than just dust. Mud and dirt, nasty germs brought in from outside, and even odors from bacteria or mold growth can damage the rug if it is left unchecked for too long.

Spills and pet accidents can shorten the life of a rug quickly. If you have pets, children, or clumsy friends, you may know the story of a wine spill or a pet accident all too well. While the spot can sometimes be lifted with tips and tricks such as club soda, or a baking soda/water blend, Caution on natural fibered rugs is advised.

How NOT to Clean Your Rug

DIY cleaning can be time-consuming and hard on your rugs. Carpets and rugs are not the same, and shouldn’t be treated the same. Many rugs are not made of the same fibers as carpets, and using a chemical treatment to clean them is a good way to ruin your rugs in one clean sweep.

A simple steam-clean of your rug might be worse. This process leaves water, chemicals, and residues that are likely to build up and ruin your rug forever. The dampness of your rug can remain for up to 72 hours or more, leaving a lot of time for mold and bacteria to establish footing.

Call the Professionals

If your area rug is expensive or sentimental to you, a quick look to professional area rug cleaning may be a good idea. The Dry Guys are here to help, with a rigorous procedure that ensures your rug is correctly identified and properly handled.

•    The first step to any good rug-cleaners routine is inspection. Answering questions, giving estimates, and building a game plan is all part of the bigger picture, and if you are satisfied with the price and approach, the real work begins.

•    You can drop off or schedule a pick & delivery of your rug(s).   Once they arrive they are analyzed thoroughly. Origin, condition, dyes, and fibers are all important variables in the equation, and once they are determined the specialists can give options for the best care and end result.

•    Dusting the rug for dirt is usually the first step in the cleaning process, then the cleaning process commences.

•    Drying the rug depends on the type, and while some rugs can be hung, others require a flat-drying process with gentle air treatments. During this time, the rug is fluffed, primped, and brushed to bring out its original beauty.

•    The final step may be a light vacuuming. If the rug is satisfactorily clean, it can be returned to your home and re-located according to the owner.

Don’t let your rugs expire before their due date. Instead, call the Dry Guys to have them professionally restored to a clean, like-new appearance and enjoy them for years to come.