Protect your Kenosha Home’s Carpets from Mud, Rain and Snow

Shoes, boots, paws, jackets, coats, and sporting gear will bring in debris from outside your doors – and in winter that debris can be wet, dirty, and apt to leave a mark on your pristine home. If your carpet sees a lot of foot traffic, especially from outside, you may be looking at dingy fibers daily.

From dirt to snow and slush, your carpets are never safe from the elements; but with the proper precautions, you can keep them cleaner for much longer.

Preventative Carpet Cleaning Tips

Here are a few ways you can prevent mud, slush, and grit from making a home in your carpets:

  • Prevention can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal. If your entryway is carpeted, you may know the horror of watching someone track mud and slush in from outside. Section off your doorway with a mat or an old rug, and instruct guests to wipe their feet before coming in.
  • Implement a shoes-off policy. Many households require guests to take off their shoes before coming into the home, and this can keep your carpets and floors from seeing 90% of the grime from outside.
  • Ditch the doggy door. Animals can track in ridiculous amounts of dirt, and if your pet is particularly indecisive, you may see 5-10 exits and entries per day. Try to half that number by hand-walking, and wipe their feet when they come in. If you’re too busy for this method, try setting up a pen with a mat around the dog door on the inside, so they can track in and then wait to have their feet wiped before entering the rest of the house.
  • Have a spot-cleaning plan of action. If your child, guest, or pet has neglected to wipe their feet, a speedy remedy can save your floors from damage. Keep a spot kit from The Dry Guys and a rag on hand, and make sure to act quickly if you see muddy tracks.
  • Don’t be afraid to call The Dry Guys in case of a bad track-in. Quick action can help keep stains from forming, and if your home is prone to dirt and mud invasions an extra cleaning per year will help.

You can avoid a brunt of the wintertime slush and grime by implementing these carpet saving tips and the occasional call to The Dry Guys. Avoid the hassle of the slush and snow creating muddy spots on your carpets, and make sure the winter wonderland stays outside where it belongs!