Ready for Fall? Get Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning from The Dry Guys

If you have kids, you know how time-consuming fall cleaning can be with sports, rainy days, and cleaning up after children and pets as mud becomes a reality and grime is constantly tracked in. As school begins, you’ll likely be faced with a number of messes, now that the children are in and out of the house, bringing friends, mud, and dirt with them.

You aren’t the only one that’s probably dealing with the grime. Your carpet, upholstery, and furniture come in contact with dirty hands, sweat, and oils every day, and it only gets worse in the fall. Spills, food stains, and pet-related accidents can only make this worse, and before you know it, it may be time for a deep upholstery cleaning.

When it comes time for you to give your furniture and flooring some well-deserved TLC, you know who to call. The Dry Guys will leave your upholstery, carpet, and furniture looking good as new, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re sitting on clean furniture and walking on the clean carpet. A thorough cleaning can reduce odors, remove stains, and increase your carpet and furniture lifespan by years when done regularly.

The Dry Guys specialize in a cleaning process that leaves your furniture and carpet ready-to-use by the time we’re done. With the HOST dry carpet cleaning method, you can get clean, fluffy carpets without dousing them in soapy solutions or excess water.

Likewise, our Von Schrader Dry Foam method cleans your furniture in a similar way. Dust, grime, sweat, and even dander is no match for our superior cleaning systems. Our methods are safe, reliable, and non-toxic to pets and children.

Keeping Carpets and Furniture Spotless Between Cleanings

If you want to keep your carpet and furniture looking spotless even in between cleanings, here are a few tips to keep things spic and span until the next time we visit.

  1. Move your furniture regularly. This reduces tracks and worn carpet, as well as stains.
  2. Decorative covers, doilies, blankets, and even arm-rest and neck-rest covers can protect your couch or recliners from grimy hands or sweat.
  3. A shoes-off policy can reduce the amount of mud making it into the rest of your house, and prevent stains and odors from building up in the carpet.

Following these tips can help your home stay beautiful in-between visits from The Dry Guys.