Rug Accident? You Can Save Your Heirloom Rug

Area rugs are one of the most costly items people indulge in while decorating a home. They are also handed down through generations as prized possessions, and seeing a bad spill or pet accident on the surface of a beautiful rug can be quite upsetting!

Rugs see a lot of foot traffic and spills, especially when they are in a home with children or pets. It may seem difficult to revive an area rug that has seen its share of spills and stains. However, your rug can be restored if the proper action is taken, and The Dry Guys can help.

How to Save Your Rug

Immediate action is the best way to save your rug in the face of a recent spill or stain. However, if you don’t know exactly what kind of rug you have, you may end up doing more harm than good.

Many small, inexpensive rugs (such as bathroom mats or flexible bedroom rugs) can be thrown in the washer and line-dried. Larger rugs, more expensive ones, or older heirloom rugs usually require more attention. In most cases, heavy rugs have special backings or fibers that would be ruined by rough treatment, so it’s important to figure out what your rug is made of before trying to clean them.

Checking the labels, if any exist, should be the first step. Most area rugs are made of synthetic blends, wool, silk, or cotton. Handmade or woven rugs may need gentler treatment to avoid stretching, warping, or curling or causing further damage.

Before beginning any intense spot treatment, check your rug first. Is the rug colorfast? Try dabbing at the rug with a white rag, and if you see any colors rub off, stop treatment immediately. If the rug’s fibers are coming loose or stretching when you scrub them, stop. In these cases, it is best to pack the affected areas with baking soda and let them sit before calling The Dry Guys to finish the job.

If your rug is not stretching or bleeding, gently sponge it with club soda until the stain is gone, and let it dry. Prop it up so the rug can get air underneath it. If you’re doing this indoors, try placing fans around the rug to dry it faster.

If your rug is an heirloom, very old, or made of delicate fibers, call The Dry Guys. We can gently clean your rug using any of a variety of methods, including a gentle bath to loosen dirt and grime, or careful brushing to dislodge pet hair and dirt.

Don’t give up on your area rugs without giving us a call first. With proper care and restoration, your beautiful rugs can warm the floors for many generations to come.