Sparkling Clean Spring Cleaning For Carpet, Tile & Grout

It’s time for a deep spring-cleaning of your floors and carpet. Having a clean carpet and your tile and grout sparkling improves the looks and value of your home, and makes all types of flooring last longer!

Want to get all of your spring-cleaning done in one fell swoop? You can call “the dry guys” for one-stop shopping and get your floors looking fantastic in no time.

HOST Carpet Cleaning

Start with your carpets. Carpet cleaning services often use lots of water and detergent, which can lead to trouble during drying – especially if you live in an area with extremely cool, rainy or humid springtime weather. Instead of traditional methods, “the dry guys” implement a system that gets carpets clean without excess water usage and leaves them smelling fresh and detergent free.

The HOST carpet cleaning equipment thoroughly vacuums your carpets, removing any loose surface dirt and debris, and making the carpet fibers stand up and separate. Next, the HOST dry cleaner is applied, which are actually tiny sponges moistened with a minuscule amount of water.

The damp sponges are carefully worked deep into the carpet, cleaning each fiber from top to bottom. All of the oils and dirt buried deep in the pile are absorbed. After the brushing process is repeated several times, with the machine run in different directions across the floor until every inch has been thoroughly cleaned, the sponges are vacuumed out and the floor is ready to walk on again.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

For your tile floors, discolored grout and stains from spilled liquids or ground in dirt can be removed with “the dry guys” tile and grout cleaning process. Your kitchen and bathroom floors can looks just as great as the carpeted areas of your home after a visit from our trained professionals.

By having the floors of your home thoroughly cleaned by professionals every spring and fall, you can greatly extend the life of both your carpets and your tile and grout flooring. Your home will look fresher and cleaner, and the value will remain high. You also won’t have to replace your flooring as soon as you would if you failed to properly maintain your home.

Get a jump on summer with a thorough spring-cleaning from the experts at “the dry guys”. We provide terrific results and you can walk on your carpets after cleaning, meaning less downtime than with a traditional floor cleaning company!