Spot Cleaning for your Floors During Snow, Rain, and Mud Season

Winter is cold, windy and wet, with dirty ice and slush sticking to boots, shoes, paws and more.  How do you weather the snow and sleet season with your home’s flooring intact? Here are some timely tips to help you preserve the beauty of your home.

Step One: Assess

Which areas of your home are most at risk? If you have tile or hardwood, the trouble spots are naturally going to be at entrances to your house. If you have wall to wall carpet throughout, your floors are even more susceptible to spots and stains. Grease, grit, dirt, and debris can work its way into carpet fibers and get ground into area rugs, grout lines or even hardwood flooring grain.

Step Two: Prevent

A mudroom can provide a place to exchange muddy footwear, wipe down pet paws, and store dirty sports equipment. If you don’t have a mudroom, consider equipping your entries with all the supplies you need to do a clean-up when you come in. Consider a heavy but easy to clean rug and a shelf or rack for shoes and boots, along with a stack of old towels.

Step Three: Pet Control

Consider closing your pet door and hand walking your pet to control tracked in mud – or protect the floor by the pet door by setting up a pen around it on the inside of your house and covering the floor inside the pen with a cheap section of carpeting or an old, washable rug.

Step Four: Prepare

It’s a good idea to have a spot cleaning kit handy in case of muddy paws or feet on the carpet. Ask The Dry Guys about spot cleaning appropriate for your floors. A spray bottle full of mixed water and vinegar and a pile of old, clean, white cotton towels or rags is a good start.

Step Five: Protect

Hardwood floors and tile can be shielded from mud and slush with area rugs positioned in high traffic areas. Carpets can be protected with rugs at entry points, and plan to have household members take footwear off as quickly as possible.

Step Six: Call The Dry Guys

In case of an emergency need for carpet cleaning, you can always call The Dry Guys. When spring comes, you’ll be ready to schedule your twice-annual carpet cleaning, and also have your tile and grout cleaned.

Don’t let your home grow dingy in the winter. Keep your flooring clean and your whole house will look brighter!