Spring Cleaning – Give Your Carpets a Break

It’s springtime, and that means it’s time for the annual ritual of the spring clean. While many think this applies simply to clearing out mud rooms, sweeping the attic, dusting the basement or perhaps cleaning the gutters, there is one area of your home that deserves a clean more than any other.

Your carpets take the brunt of the traffic in your home – family members, visitors and pets are constantly walking around and moving furniture also wears heavily on your floors. Don’t your carpets deserve a break?

Your carpets are one of the highest value items in your home. When taken care of properly, they can last a decade or more. Keeping your carpet cleaner can improve the looks and value of your house, and springtime is just the right time for this job to hit your to-do list.

Call The Dry Guys!

Who should you call? Us! “the dry guys” are experts in safe, thorough carpet cleaning and you won’t even have to tiptoe around or find a hotel room to stay in while your carpets dry. Our system gets carpets clean without excess water usage and leaves them smelling fresh and detergent free. Here’s how it works:

  1. You call “the dry guys” and make an appointment at your convenience. When we arrive, we’ll accurately estimate the cost (no surprises) and give you a firm quote. (We also clean upholstery, tile, and grout, so ask about deals we can offer you on a whole house spring cleaning.)
  2. We get to work. Our technicians use HOST carpet cleaning equipment to thoroughly vacuum your carpets, removing any loose surface dirt and debris. The carpet fibers are left standing upright and separated, allowing the next step to operate at maximum efficiency.
  3. HOST Sponges cleaner is applied, which is moistened with a small amount of water. These tiny sponges are worked gently into the carpet, absorbing the dirt, debris, grease, and grime hidden in the fibers. The brushing process is repeated several times, as we run the machine in different directions across the floor. This ensures that every side of every fiber is completely cleaned.
  4. Finally, we vacuum all of the sponge crumbs out of the carpet, and pack our equipment away.

Since we use the least possible amount of water, your floors are dry enough to walk on right away. There’s no chance of mold starting to grow, no “squelching” as you walk across the carpeting, and no smell of strong chemicals. Get a jump on your spring cleaning with a thorough carpet cleaning from the experts at “the dry guys”. It’s the smart move for your home and your family.