Summer Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that you can get extra health benefits by cleaning your carpets in the summer? Depending on where you live, heat, humidity, pests, dust and pollen can make a big impact in the air quality on your home – and cleaning your carpets can help minimize bad effects.

Are you snoring more, or seeing your child’s asthma pick up? Vacuuming every other day is a must for a family of four – if you have a pet, daily is the better option. Summer often brings with it more foot traffic, which translates to more and more dirt being tracked in daily – as well as other things. You might find that a thorough professional carpet cleaning can help get a lot of irritants out of your house. “The dry guys” specialize in carpet cleaning methods that remove far more than the average traditional methods do, using allergen free products and only the smallest amount of water for a thorough clean that leaves your carpet dry as well as dust and grime free.

Carpet doesn’t “look” dirty? Don’t be fooled. If the last time you cleaned your carpets was over 6 months ago, it could already be full of unseen pollutants such as dust mites, pollens and dander lurking deep in your carpet and unable to be removed by vacuuming alone. Tiny bugs can release their droppings that can trigger allergies in many people, and you wouldn’t even know they are in your carpet!  Dust mites, dirt and other pollutants can be removed with “the dry guys” special HOST dry carpet cleaning method, and you’ll be breathing and sleeping better all summer.

Do you live in a humid area? This can make you hesitant to call your carpet cleaners – after all, having wet carpet for a day or more is no fun! The HOST system eliminates the need to saturate carpets and spend hours or days drying them with fans and open windows – instead of using gallons of water, the cleaning process uses a dry cleaning technique that leaves carpets clean and dry enough to walk on right after the process is finished. You don’t have to worry about mold, because the floor under the carpet doesn’t get soaked!

You, your kids and your pets deserve a clean, dry, safe environment to enjoy all summer long. Having “the dry guys” do a summer carpet cleaning could improve your quality of life, eliminate pollutants that cause asthma and allergies to flare, and make June, July and August that much easier to get through! Call us today for your summer carpet cleaning quote!