Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean in High Traffic Areas

Your carpets are the heart of your home. When they’re dull, they can take away from the decor of a room. To avoid a dingy appearance, it’s important to keep your carpets clean and dirt-free. High-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms should be cleaned more often, while the carpet under your furniture doesn’t require as much attention.

To check the cleanliness of your carpets, compare the carpet underneath your furniture against the surrounding areas. If there is a stark difference, it might be time for a professional deep clean. If you’d like to go longer in between professional cleans, here are some ways to keep your carpet’s high-traffic areas cleaner.

High Traffic Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Invest in rugs. A well-made rug can be professionally cleaned when required, and it can be beaten out and vacuumed in the meantime. Area rugs protect the carpet underneath and can add a lot to the decor of a room.
  • Make guests and family members take off their shoes. Buying a shoe rack and placing it in the entryway can encourage guests to take off their shoes. This can prevent grime from getting ground into your carpets and reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your home.
  • Vacuum often. High-traffic areas, especially hallways and entryways, can become beaten-down and dingy. Vacuuming lifts dirt from your carpet and prevents wear. After a vacuum, your carpets will look softer and brighter, which can improve the look of your home immensely.
  • Use entry mats. If you don’t want to establish a no-shoes rule in the house, make sure there are sturdy entry mats outside the door. Clean these often, and make sure guests use them on muddy days.

While proper vacuuming and prevention methods can keep your floors dirt-free, there’s nothing better for your floors than a professional carpet cleaning. If you have pets, frequent guests, or children, you might need two or more professional cleans a year. Smaller households – such as a newlywed’s home – might only need one per year.

The Dry Guys can clean your carpets quickly and efficiently, returning your flooring to its original glamour. In the meantime, these tips can keep your carpets fresh in between cleanings. You can even ask for spot-cleaning kits and other maintenance tools to stay on top of your carpets. Don’t let your flooring lose its like-new shine –  call The Dry Guys for a consultation and estimate.