Slush and Snow, Pets and Kids – Tips for Keeping Carpets Spotless

When the weather keeps getting colder and snow and ice prevail, your Kenosha home’s entryways can become an avenue for dirt, mud, grime, and oil to make their way into the house on the bottoms of shoes.

Kids run in and out making snowmen, dragging sporting equipment, and the family dog runs at their heels. This can mean your carpets take a beating – especially if they haven’t been treated with a protectant against stains and grime.

How can you keep carpets from getting wrecked by winter traffic? Here are a few handy tips from “the dry guys” to give you clean carpets all year long.


Have a mudroom? Use it and enforce a “shoes, coats and gear off before entry” rule for the main part of the house. If not, invest in a winter use walk-off mats for the entry area of your home, and provide storage space for dirty footwear and equipment.

Animal Control

Consider foregoing use of the doggie door when it’s wet or snowy outside; hand walk Spot and wipe his paws when you bring him in. If the doggie door is a must due to needs while you are at work or school, set up a sturdy pen around the entrance and cover the floor with an old piece of carpet or an old, washable rug so your dog is confined when he returns to the indoors.

Spot Cleaning

You should always have a home spot cleaning kit on hand for emergencies. Keep a pile of clean, white cotton rags or towels on hand and a spray bottle full of water and vinegar to quickly deal with tracked in mess and remember to ask “The Dry Guys” about spot cleaning kits and protectants which can help keep your carpet safe in between cleanings.

Traffic Lanes

Consider shifting furniture so you have straight lines of access from one doorway to another, and putting down runner rugs. This can help protect high traffic areas from getting extra dirt ground into the same track over and over.


Call “The Dry Guys” in for a spring carpet cleaning as soon as winter is properly over. We can take your slightly dingy winter carpeting and give it an overhaul, cleaning away accumulated dirt and grime and restoring your carpets to their original glory. We can clean area rugs as well!