Using and Caring for Area Rugs in Your Home

Area rugs can be a way to display heirlooms handed down from generation to generation, or as a pleasant reminder of an exotic vacation. However, there are many other benefits to having area rugs in your home, including:

Floor Protection

An area rug can help protect flooring like hardwood, laminate, or tile. You can also use one on carpet in high-traffic areas, such as a runner down a hallway or a rectangular rug in front of a couch or under a table. It’s even en vogue to place an area rug on top of wall-to-wall carpeting!


Area rugs can also add splashes of color and accent a room beautifully, by either complementing your furnishings and art or by serving as a focal point around which a room can be decorated.


When it’s cold, an area rug can allow you to enjoy being barefoot even in a hard-floored room. The nice thing about an area rug is that you can put one down in the winter and store it in the summer.


Area rugs are also more comfortable to walk on than tile or hardwood if you have a “no shoes in the house” rule or if your feet or knees are sensitive to hard surfaces. A small area rug in areas where you walk or stand a lot, like in front of the kitchen sink, can make a big difference.

Noise Reduction

An area rug, like carpeting, can significantly muffle sound, reducing echoes and making a room feel cozier. Hard surface floors let noise bounce from floor to ceiling, while rugs help absorb sound.  

Feng Shui

If you like your home to have a positive flow of energy, an area rug can help set the stage by slowing movement and providing a sense of calm. It can also “ground” the room when used in the center with pieces of furniture touching it. This lessens the feeling that a living room is “floating” in empty space.


Non-carpeted rooms and rooms without rugs mean dust keeps bouncing around, carrying allergens. A carpet or area rug can help collect dust and pet dander, which can then be vacuumed out or – better yet – cleaned by The Dry Guys.

Area Rug Care

Your area rugs should be cleaned by a professional rug service such as The Dry Guys. We can clean your area rugs, upholstered furniture, and carpets as part of your annual cleaning process. Contact us today for more information or a complimentary estimate.