What to Look For In Professional Carpet Cleaners

It seems like every corner boasts a sign advertising carpet cleaning services, every phone book is full of listings for carpet cleaning companies and every week’s junk mail packet comes with a variety of coupons promising a cheap, quick cleaning. However, all carpet cleaning companies are not equal!

When you decide it’s time to have your carpets professionally cleaned, you should be able to count on a few basic things.


4 Things To Look For in Professional Carpet Cleaners


Honest, fair and solid pricing

The quote should be clear and transparent, detailing exactly what kind of cleaning will be provided, whether or not furniture moving is included, if area rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning is available, and so on,. Any equipment or materials charges should be disclosed.

Highly trained and qualified technicians

Every person who comes into your home should be bonded and certified, so you can be assured they not only know how to properly use the equipment they bring but that they know how to handle your specific type of carpet. A few types of training or certification you can look for include:

  • HOST training and certification. This is a high level training in the use of HOST cleaning products and equipment, as well as a thorough grounding in how to clean different types of carpet, area rugs, tile and grout.
  • Von Schrader School training focuses on environmentally safe, green cleaning products and methods.
  • Textile Pro training and certification is specifically designed to train professionals in the art of cleaning and handling area rugs.
  • IICRC technicians have earned one of the hardest to achieve certifications in the industry and can be trusted in your home!

Safe cleaning solutions

Ask if the ingredients in the carpet cleaning company’s machines are safe for your family and pets. A company that uses clean, green, environmentally sound solutions is a company to go with!

Quick drying time

There’s no need for carpets to be soaking wet hours after your carpet cleaners have left. Look for a professional company that offers HOST carpet cleaning, guaranteeing your carpets will be dry mere hours after cleaning.

Call “the dry guys” and find out how we can offer you the best carpet cleaning of your life! Our highly trained and well certified technicians, superior cleaning techniques and products, and respectful, caring staff make getting your carpets cleaned a fast, easy experience that you’ll learn to look forward to.