Why “Dry” Carpet Cleaning” is Best for your Home

There are many different methods of carpet cleaning. Using a service that leaves your floors dry and ready to walk on after cleaning is obviously a preferable choice, but can you really get carpets clean without gallons of water and cleaning solution?

The answer is yes! “the dry guys”  provide safe, effective, green carpet cleaning that thoroughly removes dirt, oils and debris from your carpets without the need for heavy chemicals or saturation.  This is  not just good for you, your family, your pets, and the environment – it’s good for your carpets, too!

How it Works

Let’s look at how the dry carpet cleaning process works. “the dry guys”  use the HOST carpet cleaning equipment and methods. This entails the use of sponges – they work much like the ones you use to clean up spills in the kitchen, only much smaller and many more of them!

First, your carpet is thoroughly vacuumed. This removes any loose surface dirt and debris, and gets all of the carpet fibers standing up and separated. Next, the HOST SPONGES are applied.

Special equipment is used to carefully and gently work these tiny damp sponges deep into the carpet, cleaning each fiber from top to bottom. The sponges scrub the carpet and absorb all of the oils and dirt buried deep in the rug. This brushing process is repeated several time, running the machine in different directions across the floor until every inch has been thoroughly scrubbed. The whole time, the carpet stays amazingly dry!

Finally, powerful vacuums are used to pull the tiny, dirt filled sponges back up out of the carpet, leaving it soft, clean and dry enough to walk on. This process eliminates the need for deep saturation of your carpet with water and cleaning solutions, which can leave water at the bottom of the carpet and providing a breeding ground for mold or mildew. Dry cleaning also eliminates the strong chemical smell associated with traditional cleaning methods.

Using the HOST dry carpet cleaning system can extend the life of your carpets, and prevent deterioration of the flooring under the carpet caused by traditional water based cleaning methods. Make your next carpet cleaning experience a dry one!